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Keith Thurman talks Quintana knockout and plans for 2013



Keith Thurman (19-0-18KO) took a step up fight Vs. Carlos Quintana last Saturday night on HBO, and he delivered. Thurman landed a thunderous body punch to the liver of Quintana, a punch that not only gave him the win, but it also ended Quintana's career.


Thurman has very heavy hands. He's knocked out all but one of his opponents. He's an exciting young fighter that has a very bright future. 8CN recently caught up with him and got his thoughts on his impressive victory and what may lay ahead for his future.


8CN – Nice to talk to you. Talk about your impressive win over Carlos Quintana.


KT – We just did what we had to do man. We studied him in camp, and brought in some sparring that resembled what he does. It paid off man. The work paid off, I had a great camp and was able to have a great performance.


8CN – Your win Vs. Lora was nice, but to stop Quintana the way that you did was impressive.


KT – I'm definitely happy with my performance. It's exactly what I wanted to do. I didn't want to go more than 6 rounds with him. He didn't want to be in that ring anymore after that body shot.


8CN – That shot reminded me of when De La Hoya went down Vs. Hopkins. I'm guessing after you landed that shot you had him right where you wanted him.


KT – Yea man, my thing is to demonstrate to anyone that I fight that I have power. People can talk about it, or watch someone get knocked out but when I have you in the ring I'm going to make sure you feel my power. I'm going to get respect early on, and I was able to do that.


8CN – Kellerman on HBO mentioned that you don't have blazing speed, but you make up for it with those heavy hands. Is that a fair assessment?


KT – A little bit. There are some people out there that are super fast, but my power does make up for it. I used my timing a lot. To me timing is the biggest factor over speed and power. You have to time the shot right. Sometimes I will neglect from speed just so I can be precise. With small gloves, it's harder to get the cleaner shots that I want to get in. Fighter's move, they move their head. It doesn't matter how fast you throw the punch, it's how you time it.


8CN – Did you talk to Carlos after the fight?


KT – His corner came up to me and said I was a great fighter and very powerful. They said I'm a future world champion, and they were happy for me. They pretty much passed me the torch.


8CN – You called out Mayweather after your fight Vs. Lora, and you called everyone out the other night. I say, why not?


KT – Yea man, you know this is the world of boxing. It's an industry. Floyd is the number one guy who picks who he wants to fight. Nobody tells Floyd Mayweather who he's fighting. He is the top dog, and I consider him the king of the ring. A lot of others call out names, and sometimes you have to say something if you want to be fed. I'm just here to make exciting fights in boxing. I think I would do better than Cotto and Ortiz did Vs. Mayweather. Why not call him out?


8CN – Your power may actually create issues for you to get people to step in with you.


KT – Yea, some people don't like it because it's a risk. It's like and insurance company, if they know you're a liability, they may not take your case. They may opt to take the same money to face someone else rather than take on a devastating puncher. We'll see what happens. There's a lot warriors out there....someone has to fight me.


8CN – The nice thing about your performance was that it was on HBO in front of the world.


KT – I fought Lora on HBO in July which was my welcoming party. That was nice, but to see me again against a better opponent and to do what I did was picture perfect. I'm done for this year, so that was icing on the cake.


8CN – How busy do you want to be in 2013, and do you think you'll get that title shot in 2013?


KT – Definitely there should be at least one title shot there for me in 2013.


8CN – Thanks for talking to 8CN. Do you have any closing thoughts?


KT – I want to wish everyone a Merry Christmas. Look out for your boy in 2013.

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