Bob Arum Talks, Pacquiao Contract, Floyd Mayweather, Oscar De La Hoya, And MORE!



"We are happy for Manny to fight Mayweather at any time. Stop making threats saying were not gonna deal with this guy or that guy, which is kind of stupid. Give us a call, all options will be on the table, and let's see if we can make a deal." - - Bob Arum to Floyd Mayweather and TMT Promotions.

Top Rank Head Bob Arum sat down with 8CountNews and talked about a plethora of topics. He recently signed Manny Pacquiao through December of 2016. Arum talked about his relationship with Pacquiao, and how this contract will take Manny to the end of his hall of fame career. Arum tells 8CN that the contract is a 5 fight deal.

8CN asked Arum weather or not a path toward a Floyd Mayweather fight is in the cards, and he pulled no punches with his answer. Arum tells Mayweather to stop with the threats about not wanting to talk to this guy, or that guy, etc, and just pick up the phone and call him to get the negotiations going. Arum also talked about he and Oscar De La Hoya's warming relations, and how they will be doing big business going forward. Check out the full Podcast BELOW



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