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Bob Arum squashes Mayweather rumors - Bradley or Provodnikov next for Pacquiao


8CN caught up with Top Rank head Bob Arum and got his thoughts on the recent rumors concerning a fight between Manny Pacquiao and Floyd Mayweather Jr. How a homemade YouTube video about this topic would ever be used by various media outlets as credible is beyond me. 8CN goes to the source when it comes to these types of things.


Recently Floyd Mayweather went on the record with Ben Thompson over at and squashed the rumors as well. 8CN picked up where FH left off and got Top Rank's side of the story. Arum squashed the rumor as well, but added that he's not sure why Mayweather wouldn't want to do business with him. Here's what else he had to say.


BC – Bob what's going on with Manny Pacquiao and the alleged 18 million dollars that the IRS says he owes?


BA – I'm happy to report that all tax liens and levies against Pacquaio by the IRS have been released. There are no tax liens and no tax levies. Everything is copacetic. There is absolutely nothing there.


BC – Was this just a matter of a misunderstanding by the IRS?


BA – I don't want to get into it. All I can say that is without any reservation there are no liens and no levies whatsoever against Pacquiao by the IRS.


BC – So he's got his money in the bank, and everything is unfrozen?


BA – That's correct.


BC – Apparently someone made a homemade YouTube video that said that the Mayweather Vs. Pacquiao fight is a done deal. How some news sources went with this claim is beyond me, but would you like to comment?


BA – You're going to get reports like this from time to time, but unless it comes from us or Manny, it has absolutely no substance.


BC – Can this fight happen? What's going on Bob? Why hasn't this fight happened?


BA – Well I don't want to debate the whole history. There's so many ins and outs. I hope that this fight can happen, but nothing has moved ahead about this fight. Were planning a fight for Manny in April and Mayweather is planning a fight in May.


BC – Wouldn't you try to make this fight tomorrow if you could?


BA – We are in favor of doing whatever we can to ensure without any intervening rhetoric that these two guys fight each other. As far as I can tell, there's been no movement to get that done.


BC – Floyd came out on and said that he'll never do business with you.


BA – I don't know why he would say that. I've always had a good relationship with Floyd when I promoted him. I have nothing against Floyd. Listen, everybody has their own agendas.


BC – Okay, so you said you're working on a fight for Manny in April. Who are you looking to match him up against?


BA – The two guys that are the front runners are Tim Bradley and Ruslan Provodnikov.


BC – Does a Bradley rematch do well in PPV? Everyone thinks Pacquiao won easily in the last fight. Do you think the Russian would do better in PPV?


BA – I've heard it both ways. Some people say the Russian would do better than a Bradley fight. Others say Bradley is the bigger name and he would better. We unfortunately will find out a week after the fight.


BC – Talk about the PPV results that Pacquiao Vs. Rios did.


BA – Well one thing it demonstrated is if you do a fight outside of the country, particularly in a time zone where night is day and day is night, you take a hit on the US PPV. We took a hit, but we got a tremendous site fee. I think what the future big events in China will need is for the Chinese PPV to add to revenue to make up for what will definitely be a fall off in American PPV because you can't get the media support in China from the US media as if you were doing it in the United States.


BC – Manny looked very good against Rios. Do you think he's mentally 100 percent recovered from the Marquez knockout?


BA – Yea I really do. I think we'll see a much more intelligent Manny Pacquiao going forward than we did when he fought Marquez. He got very careless.


BC – As far as Manny's next fight, will that take place in America?


BA – Were looking at doing it back in Vegas at the MGM Grand.


BC – That's good news for Manny's fans in America.


BA – I know, absolutely.


BC – 2014 is here. What can the fans expect from Top Rank this year?


BA – Well we have starting off in January, Mikey Garcia going up against Juan Carlos Burgos. He'll be defending his title. We think Garcia is going to be huge attraction. Terrence Crawford will be fighing in England for the lightweight title. We'll do regular shows in China with Shiming and various other Olympic champions. We will get Bradley and Rios, and Alvarado back in action. We are looking for a big 2014.


BC – You mentioned Mikey Garcia. He's got potential to be a huge star in America.


BA – I agree with you, and I wouldn't be surprised as he gets older to move to 140 and possibly fight Manny Pacquiao.


BC – That would be big for Garcia. Bob thanks for the update. Happy New Year.


BA- Thank you Brad. Happy New Year to you too.

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