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Miguel Cotto prime example that perception carries an agenda

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Zach Cooper, undefeated 154 lb. prospect, talks June 7 fight

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in Boxing News by Minnie Larry

Pavlik responds to Rodriguez "He's horrible!"

Pavlik responds to Edwin Rodriguez! “I'd rather watch paint dry than fight Rodriguez”

8CN contacted the former undisputed middleweight world champion Kelly Pavlik in order to get his reaction to being called out on national television by Edwin Rodriguez. Last night on HBO's “Boxing After Dark”, Rodriguez after soundly defeating Jason Escalera called out Kelly Pavlik. Why Kelly Pavlik? 8CN spoke with Pavlik this afternoon and got his reaction. Listen to the Podcast HERE


8CN – Kelly what is your response to Edwin Rodriguez? He called you out loud and clear on HBO last night.


KP - I didn't see the fight. I could care less about watching Rodriguez fight. Every time I watch him fight, I'd rather watch paint dry. He got beat by Rosinsky, the kid that I just I beat. They robbed Rosinsky. I mean if they want to make this fight, then make the fight but I got bigger things to do. There's bigger fights out there than Edwin Rodriguez. I'm a former world champion. I made big fights, I don't need to fight him. If wants to call me out, that's fine but he's horrible. I would take that fight IF they pay big money for it. I got word of him calling me out, so I don't need him.


8CN – He wasn't being disrespectful. I'm guessing in your mind, taking a fight Vs. him is going backwards for you?


KP – Exactly, it would be going backwards. I know he wasn't trying to say anything bad but my point is, to call somebody out, that doesn't show class. I used to tell people that I would fight Godzilla, but to call someone out? People call me out all the time, and look what happens.


8CN – Do you think they specifically called you out because they think you are washed up, and can use you as a stepping stone?


KP – I think that's a very good question. I think that's a possibility. Why wouldn't they call out Ward or Froch?


8CN – Do you have anything else to add?


KP – Sometimes you get what you wish for. He may want to retract his statement. At this point it needs to make money sense. I'm a 12 year pro, two world titles, and I only lost to Martinez and Hopkins. If this fight is the ONLY fight out there? Then lets make it happen.





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