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Hey man is that a bagel in your head?

Girls with bagel head injections are hot in JapanMaybe you think that people would hate to have shots of saline injected into their forehead, then your though is probably wrong. It is a fashionable style now in Japan to have inflated foreheads, which is popularly known as the "bagel head".

The bagel head is a body modification process that was started in 1990s, but was became popular in September 23, 2012 when featured in the National Geographic Channel show "Taboo". The body modification which is done for about two hours, involves injecting about 400 milliliters (13.5 ounces) of saline into the forehead to have a bulge on it. An indent was created when it was pressed. The bagel will only last few hours less than a day.

Health issues have arisen on this new fashion trend whether this trend is dangerous. Omar Ibrahimi, a dermatologist at the Connecticut Skin Institute and a part time professor at the Harvard Medical School, agreed that the bagel head is risky. The dermatologist, who has injected saline solution during cosmetic processes, said that there are three dangers bagel-heading can give.

First, the saline solution, which is often used as anesthesia, can be absorbed by the body when injected under the skin. Ibrahimi stated that saline solution that is too concentrated can overload the body's capacity to process salt," He also added that if the saline solution used was the one with higher concentration than the normal one, the person might experience dehydration, just like when you drink salt water.

Secondly, the person might get bacterial or fungal infection if the saline solution used in not sterile, Ibrahimi argued. Commonly, the human immune system has the ability to fight against the harmful pathogens found in unsterilized substances that have entered the digestive tract. But these pathogens have also higher chance of having the ability to withstand the immune system of human body when they are directly injected into the skin of the person, just like here in the bagel head procedures.


Another chance of being contaminated is by having a tattoo. There was a report across four states of America last month that bacterial infections was gained from unsterile water that was used as diluting agent in tattoo ink. The infection can cause rashes for few months which need antibiotic aids or sometimes surgery.

Even though the saline solution is perfectly sterilized and was prepared in ideal concentration, the bagel head fashion is still risky. This risk is aesthetic and might put an end to this trend.

"I'd be worried that if people did this repeatedly you might actually, indeed, stretch the skin beyond its normal elasticity, and this could cause permanent laxity," Ibrahimi said

As a whole, the fashionable bagel head could be a mishap for anyone.