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Las Vegas Mixed Martial Arts Championships Rocks the House

Where do you start when you have a night of 17 fights? That's right folks, for those who paid a price to watch the Las Vegas Mixed Martial Arts Championships, live from the Las Vegas Hotel, on February 1st, well, they got their money's worth. Out of 17 fights, only one went to the scorecards. If you’re a fight fan, that is amazing.

On a fight card with 7 Tapouts, 8 TKO's, 1 decision, and 1 guy who came to the cage, then got scared and forfeited, well I guess we found our starting point. Yes, 0-3 Kyle Neal came down to the cage hands wrapped, mouth piece in, gut out, ready for a scrap. Then the much more fit, Charles Weast, entered the cage. The bell sounded, the ref waived his hands in the air, and Weast was awarded a victory via injury with Neal claiming an injury that was never explained. Now I heard from a photographer that was right there cage side, in the blue (Neal's) corner, that Neal had told his training camp that after the weigh in's, he did research on his opponent and felt there was no way he could beat him, so rather than take a loss by a beating, he would claim injury. Mr. Neal, you are an amateur fighter with a 0-3 record, who is scared to fight. Call it a career.


Moving on to another odd ball fighter, at least that's what the entire Las Vegas Hotel Showroom felt when Robert Isawa came to the cage. This guy was so prepared that the Nevada Athletic Commission needed him to cut his finger nails before he entered the cage. He entered the cage wearing what appeared to be white boxer shorts, tried to run around the cage, barely making it all the way around without falling. Long story short, the bell rang and Justin Driggers threw a right hand that connected with idiots head (Isawa), and it was fight over. I can only wonder if this Robert Isawa was for real, or if he was making some kind of mockery of the sport we love so much? You had to see this idiot in order to believe what I am writing.


Now with that being said, LVMMA put on a superb night of fights. Some memorable ones were Caleb Contreras fighting out of the Syndicate MMA gym, taking out Antonio Asberry. The Light Heavyweight Title went to Mike Florio as he TKO'd Chance Torres. Byron Fields would Hulk Slam his way out of a triangle attempt to beat Jody Carter by TKO. The always fun Super Heavyweights would end in the 1st round by TKO as Charles Williams was too much for Brian Lopez. So in front of a packed house, LVMMA kept their word and brought some explosive fights. If you’re in the Las Vegas area, this is an organization worth keeping an eye on and supporting.

Remaining fights, quick results:

Seth Giddings by TKO over Niko Santos

Jordan Christiansen by Split Decision over Bryce Nowak

Sean Spangler by Tapout over Larry Forney

Ryan Curry by Dr. Stoppage over David Guerrero

Jimmmy Scully by Tapout over Alex Rey

David Arcangel by Tapout over Andy Watson

Brandon Schneider by Tapoutover Andy Pantoja

Bryce Harley by Tapout over Antonio Mieles

Blake Belshe by Tapout over Pernell Stevens

Dale Sopi by TKO over Trent Jordan Lee